Improve 'Top-Of-Mind' presence to grow your Clubs client revenue

Information for small and large organisations where Australian clubs are a key revenue channel for their products and services.

A Critical Sales Marketing Process

Staying Top-Of-Mind with past, present and future clients: 

  • A regular audience with Clubs operators produces familiarity, and trust in the legitimacy of your brand.  
  • A presence reminds operators of products and services you provide, to bring to mind when the need arises. 
  • A regular presence means a higher probability to be included in supplier evaluations, over your competitors.

How Top-Of-Mind Awareness Helps You Attract More Qualified Leads


Top-Of-Mind awareness helps attract more qualified leads and filters out unqualified prospects.

Why? Because increasing awareness brings qualified leads to you when a need for your product or service arises (they remember you, not the competitor!).

If you want your business to stay top of mind ahead of competitors, you should stop pitching products and start sharing expertise: show prospects how you can add value to and earn their business.

" Nine out of 10 B2B buyers say online content has a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions"  SOURCE: CMO COUNCIL

... the more you present your Top-Of-Mind brand content to your Club audience, the more your Club audience will visit your website for purchasing research, which increases your probability of being selected as a supplier. 

Top-Of-Mind presence with Editorial from roughly $13 per day!

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The Struggle

Ad-hoc Approach.

Many smaller businesses struggle with prioritising their planning, creation and distribution of content to a target audience on a frequent basis, probably due to the time and effort required, while large corporates command continual awareness with their multi-channel (Omnichannel) approach.

With competing priorities, business attention is easily diverted to current clients and other pressing issues, robbing these businesses of the gains produced through a continual awareness process, to remind past clients, plus nurture and attract future clients to their brand.

Audiences Forget.

The sheer volume of advertising encountered on a daily basis means that without continual reminders, your brand is soon pushed out of mind and forgotten. Furthering this, new club audience members arrive with no prior knowledge or past exposure to your business, while existing ones move on. 

Global brands such as Coca-Cola still spend enormous budgets for Top-Of-Mind promotion, so there will never be much time between seeing an ad for Coke and opportunity to purchase one.

Sales Outreach Less Challenging

Whether it's Clubs opening your outreach emails or accepting your sales rep calls, it's far more challenging with no brand awareness established. 

Without established familiarity, it becomes more difficult for sales reps to differentiate your brand, products, and services to Clubs.

Being able to picture the brand of a potential provider, helps prospects to recall and differentiate you from the mental noise generated by other competing providers, communicating similar benefits, claims and statements.

It Can Be Easier

It's so much easier when a person says 'Yes', I've seen your business in ClubTIC. Yes I saw the article about how your new product or service fixes this problem. I read about your efforts to reduce waste, or your community challenge, or new team member introduction.

Starting a conversation that transitions naturally into a sales call is so much easier when an account rep can ask "did you see the article in ClubTIC featuring our new product that achieves (these benefits)".

Automatically there is a natural human assumption that if it has been published, featured or discussed by a third party, that it ads weight to being more genuine in the claims and benefits being presented.

A Fast Affordable Method Of Improving Awareness

Let a national Club audience become more familiar with your brand. Have your Top-Of-Mind content displayed to ClubTIC subscribers and web visitors. 

  • From roughly $13 per day ($400 p/m ex GST) over 90 days, display your brand to a national licensed Clubs audience.
  • Promote your Top-Of-Mind awareness content: Ads, Customer Reviews, Staff Intros, Case Studies, New Products and Services, Awards and Community Events, New Client Announcements, etc.
  • All displays - whether Ads, Content, Editorial - have digital click-through to your website, landing pages, or URL of your choice.
  • This is set-and-forget, because we do the work. We will work with you to obtain your content (or offer our option to create for you) and update on a monthly basis, along with reporting. This can include A/B or split testing of Ad sets, which is ideal for new products and testing messaging. 

Make your brand name more familiar. Have greater brand visibility.

Remind Clubs what you provide. Make it easier for sales inquires. Make it easier for sales rep calls into Clubs.

Make it easier.

Free Editorials

ClubTIC offers ongoing editorial support for Sponsor clients, at no charge.*

These are ideal for communicating new product and service releases, customer experience and educational articles, for readers to gain an expanded view of what you provide.

*Some conditions apply to editorials. ClubTIC retains editorial control and will not include any offensive, political or slanderous comments, or ownership infringements, and includes what needs to be provided for editorials to be created. Therefore, ClubTIC editors have the final determination whether to publish, however the rules are more than reasonable and the facility is used by many clients.

Top-Of-Mind presence with Editorial from roughly $13 per day!

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about ClubTIC

ClubTIC is a national digital publication with more than 4,000 subscribers that communicates with Club executives and management. 


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Light & Wonder

Design & Development

Top-Of-Mind campaigns developed from 3 to 12 month periods.

Supply your own finished Displays, Ads & Video designs, or we design for you option.

  • Products and Services Ads
  • Company & Team Member Introductions.
  • Case Studies Promotion
  • Customer / Client Reviews
  • Awards and Community Announcements

Top Of Mind Strategy

We can assist you with awareness strategies to present a mixture of content promotions and not just Ads,


running continual Ads can also be an effective strategy, if:

  • Cycle Different Ad-Sets
  • Incorporate Upfront Help & Value In Ads, Not just Pitches.  
  • Expand benefits to include: Functional Benefits, Dimensional Benefits, Emotional Benefits. 

Marketing & Target

The audience is Australian registered and licensed Clubs and Associations. The majority provide beverage, food and dining, A large portion provide gaming, functions and entertainment facilities.

  • Returned & Services Clubs
  • Sports & Recreation Clubs
  • Golf & Country Clubs
  • Lawn Bowls, Yacht/Sailing, Surf Clubs
  • Community & Workers Clubs