American star asks Sydney to save Moore Park Golf Course

April 3, 2024
Jane Louise

The Moore Park Golf Course has hit the news again, this time with actor Mark Wahlberg opposing the reduction of the course from 18 to 9 holes.

The American actor and avid golfer, who is in Sydney to film ‘Play Dirty’, appeared in a video where he pleads with Sydney to save the course.

While acknowledging he was not an Australian citizen, he said, “Please, I’ve seen lots and lots of parks and I haven’t seen too many lovely public golf courses like this that have access for everybody. Please save Moore Park Golf Club.”

Half of the public course is intended to be turned into a new park in order to address the lack of green space in the ever-growing inner-city area covering Green Square, Waterloo and Zetland. 

Premier Chris Minns had previously defended the change to the course, saying “This community is expected to grow from 30,000 to 80,000 by 2040 in a five-kilometre radius of where we’re standing.

“And it’s a recognition by the government that given we are making decisions about urban consolidation, more units, more apartments, there’s got to be more green space too, this has got to be a trade-off and this is part of our vision for Sydney.”

There are currently thirteen golf courses in Eastern Sydney alone.

Prior to this, Wahlberg had briefly been refused entry to an exclusive Northern Beaches club for breaching the club’s strict dress code.

While the dress code was stated on the club’s website, Wahlberg wore his branded black socks instead of the required white.

The club provided the actor with a pair of socks in the correct colour, and after changing he was allowed to play.

Wahlberg has been visiting many Sydney golf courses while in Australia and was recently seen at a course in La Perouse.

Moore Park Driving Range


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