Club holds fundraiser to support rivals

February 14, 2024
Jane Louise

Recently, the Mooroolbark Bowls Club (MBC) supported rival club Upwey-Tecoma Bowls Club (UTBC) by holding a fundraiser, continuing a movement of wider support for the club over the past year as UTBC recovers from a disastrous business email compromise scam.

Upwey-Tecoma Bowls Club

The elaborate scam cost UTBC around $120,000, conning the club by infiltrating their email account and looking for pending payments, as ClubTIC covered last year.

The scammers targeted a final payment that was to pay off works on their main bowling green, after flood damage in 2022.

The theft was not covered by insurance.

UTBC went public in an effort to spare other clubs from the same misfortune.

Now, neighbouring club MBC has joined the ranks of other community groups in supporting UTBC as their members raised $528, which was matched by the MBC board to give a total of $1058.

Jackie MacKay, tournament manager for MBC spearheaded the fundraiser, saying “As much as we’re all competitors, we’re all in the same situation, trying to get members and keep our clubs going for the community,” noting this type of disaster could happen to anyone.

Les Lane, club secretary for UTPC was grateful for the continued support.

“We don’t have poker machines. So we rely on people coming along to the club and playing, barefoot bowls, and Jack attack, and hiring the facility from us” he said.

While UTBC has praised the efforts of their community and the MBC, the club is still well behind where they need to be, and estimate the second of their two greens will also require replacement within eight years. This upgrade has an estimated cost of $220,000.

All bowls clubs are part of the social fabric of their communities, with the clubs used by different groups for different reasons.

Mr Lane said the best thing to do for the UTBC or any local club is to support the game or venue hire.

As ClubTIC previously advised, in avoiding scams best practise is to confirm payment details on large amounts with the recipient, and stay abreast of scam guidelines provided by the ACCC.

Upwey-Tecoma Bowls Club. Image: Facebook


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