Club shamed for serving ‘basic’ avocado toast

May 8, 2024
Jane Louise

From international news outlets to seniors’ groups to Facebook sourdough starter groups, the story of a Queensland man’s complaint has gone viral after his recent underwhelming visit to Hervey Bay Boat Club.

The man, a member of the club, ordered smashed avocado on sourdough toast, paying almost $15.

However, he took to social media after being presented with four pieces of basic white toast and a small bowl of avocado spread.

“Wow … avocado on toast for $14.90,” the man said. “I have never seen such a basic version at any other cafe.”

The public agreed, with some suggesting price gouging.

Retail expert from the Sunshine Coast University, Roberta Crouch, weighed in on the story, commenting that while costs must also account for wages, rent, electricity and a slew of other overheads, transparency between business owners and their customers is key.

“People just like to know where the $14.90 is going, and I think small businesses, especially little restaurants and sole traders, they’re making tough decisions these days based on what they think their revenue would be versus what they might have to charge,” said Crouch, advising consumers to ‘vote with their feet’.

Anto Sweetapple, a hospitality industry consultant, said that this particular meal was probably not the place for commercially bought products.

Recognising the many challenges the industry has faced in the past few years, Sweetapple encouraged hospitality businesses to think more creatively.

“A few key elements for a good customer experience often stem from the right staff training programs and using qualified staff,” he said.

“Businesses just need to step back and look at their business.”

The club has now made a change to the menu, removing ‘sourdough’ from the description.

Image: Facebook


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