Club’s new return and earn station gives back $2m to community

April 10, 2024
Jane Louise

As part of Doyalson-Wyee RSL Club’s commitment to waste reduction, it has installed a return and earn station on its grounds.

‘The Doylo’ says the decision was both responsible and easy, acknowledging that it needed to reduce its carbon footprint given the reality of the climate crisis.

The club’s waste management partner, Tomra, presented a surprising report on the efficacy of the return and earn station, showing the station had recycled 26 million containers.

This is equal to the emissions reduction of removing 1,154 cars from the road for a year, or saving 61 Olympic swimming pools or 163 garbage trucks of waste.

Darren Thornton, CEO of The Doylo, says the impact “is significant”.

“This recycling process impact equated to 262,348 trees being planted and 174,852,650 kgs of carbon emissions avoided.

“The scheme also returned $2 million in refunds back into the community.”

“Our vision is to create a way of life and our purpose is to deliver progressive lifestyle destinations and invest in our communities,” furthered Brett Ellis, the club’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“When we consider this, it’s about designing a better future with a responsible and ethical approach, looking at the big picture and our responsibility in the community, in our region, our country, the world … to leave it a better place.”

The club has a goal of net zero emissions.


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