Golf Services Management acquires Daylesford club

May 1, 2024
Jane Louise

Golf Services Management (GSM) has successfully acquired its sixth course, Hepburn Springs Golf Club, located in Daylesford Victoria.

Members of the 98-year-old club approved the acquisition with a vote 98 per cent in favour, provided GSM undertake to preserve course operation over a minimum of five years, for the benefit of existing members.

GSM further committed to provide discounted fees to current members, along with clearing all the club’s liabilities and investing in capital improvement works to the course and buildings.

Vic Delosa, President of Hepburn Springs Golf Club, said committee members had exhausted all avenues to remain in control.

“The Club has been heavily reliant on volunteers who have been doing an incredible job for a very long time,” Delosa commented.

“However, the combination of an ageing and dwindling membership base and a lack of funds created a situation where the Club was facing insolvency.”

GSM assumed operations last week, and with its 37 years of experience has an excellent track record of effectively revitalising struggling private golf clubs.

The company has not wasted any time, with plans already underway to introduce activities including innovative shorter versions of the game as a complement to the traditional golf round.

Ian Denny, Director of GSM, said the company had not expected to acquire the club.

“GSM are committed to keeping the doors open for existing members and to driving new visitation by tapping into the thriving tourism market in the area with a new ‘open to all’ policy,” Denny confirmed.

The 18-hole course features couched fairways and plenty of local wildlife.

The club has now been re-branded to ‘Hepburn Golf’.


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