Hilarious Hypnotic Hijinks as Gerard V set to Mesmerise Lawson Bowling Club

March 6, 2024
Jane Louise

Lawson Bowling Club, in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, will be hosting a unique entertainment event.

On Saturday, 9 March the club is presenting Gerard V, billed as a ‘comedy hypnotist’ for a goofy night of silly and G-rated fun.

Gerard V has brought his blend of hypnotism and humour to audiences across Australia, New Zealand and the USA since 2005, after becoming a hypnotist in 1994.

He holds qualifications in ‘Stage Hypnotism’ and ‘Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming’.

His shows are improvised and known to be full of energy, engaging and interactive.

However, he promises to only select volunteers to be involved in audience participation, ensuring everyone is comfortable enough to have a good night.

A spokesperson for the club said, “Gerard V’s shows are always a hit, combining the mystery of hypnotism with the universal appeal of comedy.”

Audiences are promised to be left mesmerised and laughing.

There are only a few tickets left. More information can be found on the Club’s Facebook page.


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