Lightning strikes thrice in the Sunshine State

August 9, 2023
Clyde Mooney

Keno has created more big-ticket winners, with a couple of Queenslanders pocketing more than $10 million, including a double jackpot win by one individual, in what is believed to be an Australian first.

A local man purchased a Keno Classic 10 Spot and Mega Millions 10 Spot at Norths Leagues and Services Club, in the Moreton Bay region, on Thursday, 3 August.

Although the two games, Classic and Mega Millions, are separate and offer separate jackpots, the winning numbers are generated from the same draw.

The man explained that he always plays the same numbers in both games, being a mix of birthdays, retirement ages and the like.

“If they’re your lucky numbers, why don’t you play them in both draws? If you’re going to win it, you’re going to win it. When your numbers come up, they come up,” he said.

But by playing his special numbers in both games in the same draw, he won both jackpots. The Classic 10 scored over $1.7 million and the Mega Millions 10 won over $6.7 million, making a total of $8,450,902.

Enjoying himself at the club, the man heard someone say a Keno jackpot had gone off onsite, then a correction to say “hang on … the Keno Classic and Keno Mega Millions jackpots have gone off here!’.

A few seats away, his wife asked “did you get a ticket?”. Hearing it was both jackpots it dawned on him the chances of it being someone else were slim.

“I went to check my ticket and the rest is history. I’ve had a drink to celebrate and calm my nerves.

“It’s unreal at this stage. It’s still got to sink in!

“This will really help us enjoy retirement and I’ll definitely be sharing it with my children and family.”

Keno is played in over 3,500 pubs and clubs in Victoria, Queensland, NSW and the ACT and last year paid out wins totalling more than $1 billion, including another major Queensland winner, in Rockhampton, who walked away with a $6.1 million prize.

And last month a Bribie Island man purchased a Classic 10 Spot while out to dinner on a Friday night at Bribie Island Bowls Club with family, where he decided to “play a few Keno games”.

The group had just finished eating when somebody asked if he had checked his entry as someone at the venue had just won a major prize, which subsequently saw him take home $2,275,277.

“Butterflies were going round and round in my stomach and I didn’t know if I was about to be sick or if I should be losing my mind with happiness,” the man said.

Speaking to an official from Keno, he explained he was “tired” after a few sleepless nights.

“It’s just been so hard to close my eyes.”


Bribie Island Bowls Club, Keno, Norths Leagues and Services Club

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