Man bares all for charity

January 31, 2024
Jane Louise

One of any club’s objectives is to be of service to its community. Recently the Anglesea Bowls Club had a unique opportunity to do this through one of its treasured club members.

Phil Robbins bared all for charity when he had both his treasured beard and his hair shaved, in order to raise donations for Anglesea and Aireys Foodlink.

Mr Robbins had been growing his hair for two years for this event, which raised the food bank a generous $2,900.

Ben Coyle, club present of Anglesea Bowls, had the honour of shaving Mr Robbins’ hair after a hefty donation of $1,000 was made by the club. Top donors shared the honour of shaving his beard.

A crowd of 50 locals was there to witness the event and cheer him on.

Phil Robbins. Image supplied

Mr Robbins was pleased to help support the charity, thanking all who supported the endeavour.

“I thought getting rid of it all would be a fantastic way to generate some funds for charity.

“I couldn’t be happier to be honest. Foodlink is just an amazing organisation and I’m so thankful this will help them out.”

Margaret Renkin, Anglesea and Aireys Foodlink volunteer, said the charity was thrilled.

“Phil’s gesture will mean we won’t have to ask our community for money, allowing us to get more non-perishable items and food vouchers to those in need.

“It’s a huge weight off both their and our shoulders so we are very grateful.”


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