QSR technologies for clubs

May 22, 2024
Clyde Mooney

Annual showcase Foodservice Australia took place this week for 2024, and suppliers such as LG are ranging technology to meet evolving customer expectations.

The service experience in clubs is constantly evolving, especially in terms of the integration of advanced technologies that allow operators to enhance service and efficiency, and glean data insights.

“Successful clubs are embracing technology as an enabler while retaining the core hospitality and social aspects that draw customers,” suggests Chris Wilson, head of Information Displays at LG Electronics Australia.

LG says its Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) technologies can help streamline operations and reduce staffing requirements, while enhancing customer service. Products such as advanced POS systems and integrated digital displays provide real-time updates on orders, inventory and staffing, to ensure all information – from menu items to special promotions – is always up to date.

LG’s SuperSign (QSR product) gives owners the flexibility to change the content displayed on digital display screens anywhere, anytime, to cater to diverse customer requirements. The 32:9 Ultra Stretch Signage can display multiple information streams simultaneously, which can support kitchen staff with alerts and be used to display dynamic menus.

“The integration of LG’s signage technologies in clubs, it can help streamline kitchen workflows specifically when it comes to operational efficiency,” says Wilson. 

“This shift from static to dynamic digital displays will shape the future of club operations, making them more responsive and customer-focused.”

More venues are adopting hybrid models, blending digital and physical experiences, such as mobile ordering, contactless payments and digital loyalty offerings, and post-pandemic many patrons expect self-ordering technologies to be standard.

The LG ‘Prompta’ app offers customers a user-friendly platform to see menu items and special promotions at a specific venue. Leveraging AI to understand consumer preferences, analysing customer data and past orders, it can predict what items a customer might like to order, tailoring suggestions and personalised menu recommendations to improve satisfaction.

“By understanding the evolving needs and preferences of customers, Australian clubs can harness these technologies to offer a more personalised service, setting a new standard for customer experience in the hospitality industry,” concludes Wilson.


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