Queensland Govt launches ClubIQ to revolutionise sport and recreation

June 5, 2024

The Queensland Government has released ClubIQ – a groundbreaking platform packed with resources and training specifically designed for sport and recreation clubs across Queensland.

This innovative initiative hopes to revolutionise volunteer support, club operations, and community upliftment throughout the state.

Far from being just another resource hub, ClubIQ is “the ultimate game-changer” for a club’s success.

Offering an array of free resources and videos that cover critical areas such as volunteer management, governance, financial oversight, and strategic planning, ClubIQ provides tools needed to elevate clubs.

Billed as more than just a resource, ClubIQ is “a movement” dedicated to fortifying clubs, empowering volunteers, and enriching communities through sport and recreation. With tailored resources and practical training, ClubIQ aims to build a community of champions, one volunteer at a time. From governance and finances to comprehensive planning, it helps ensure clubs flourish in line with their vision.

Integrated within the Queensland Government’s Activate! Queensland strategy, ClubIQ enhances the state’s lifestyle through increased physical activity. By leveraging ClubIQ’s resources, venues become part a larger movement committed to making a tangible difference in communities across Queensland.

“The launch of ClubIQ marks the start of an exciting journey—a unique opportunity to elevate your club, empower your volunteers, and enrich your community.”

For more information visit ClubIQ.


ClubIQ, Queensland Government

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