Reclaim the Game expands to welcome new codes in combatting sports betting

April 24, 2024
Jane Louise

An initiative by the New South Wales Government, ‘Reclaim the Game’, has scored another victory in two new partnerships.

GIANTS Netball and the NSW Swifts are the first netball teams in NSW to become involved in the initiative.

They are now part of a diverse group of 18 teams across six codes including AFL, cricket, NBL and A-League, with the Sydney Swans, Sydney Thunder, Sydney Kings and others.

The partnership is designed to help NSW sports clubs reduce the amount of sports betting advertising.

An integral part of the partnership is an agreement where no sponsorship by sports betting is accepted by the clubs for the next two years. Clubs have also agreed to educate all involved in their sport about the harms of gambling.

These new partnerships increase the initiative’s reach to an entirely new fanbase.

Reclaim the Game was first launched in 2020 and since then has reached millions of sports fans through almost 300 live and televised games.

David Harris, Minister for Gaming and Racing, commented:

“It is fantastic to see more NSW teams join Reclaim the Game and raise community awareness of harms linked to sports betting and gambling. These partnerships are a strong reminder that you don’t need to have a bet to show support for your team.

“The new partnerships with netball come at the perfect time as community interest in women’s sport soars with record nationwide participation in the sport and the Diamonds reclaiming the World Cup in South Africa.”

“Alongside some of NSW’s other cherished sporting teams and codes, we are proud to join Reclaim the Game which looks to reconnect fans with their love of the games they follow,” furthered Tracey Scott, CEO of Netball NSW.

“As the most popular community sport in the state, and the leading elite female code, we are committed to playing a role in educating our fans, participants and the broader community about the risks associated with gambling and the harm it can cause.”

For further information on the partnership see GambleAware.  


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