RSL club makes last ditch plea to stay afloat

March 14, 2022
Emma Castle

A local RSL branch is in the final throes of trying to save itself, calling on the state body to send it a lifeline.

Zeehan sub-branch in Burnie, Tasmania, has called upon RSL Tasmania to help it survive, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a full committee.

Tasmania RSL acting state president Barry Quinn told The Advocate that it would be working with the Zeehan sub-branch to fill the full committee, and will raise constitutional changes at their upcoming congress to make it easier for branches across the state to fill positions in the face of an ageing population. 

Quinn said: “We don’t want it to close down. There are a number of sub-branches that are struggling and we acknowledge that.”

The RSL has come up with some options to assist the ailing club. They are: constitutional change, amalgamation with another sub-branch, or finding additional members who fit the criteria to be on the committee.

Failing this, Quinn said the branch may need to close.

“That is the very, very last resort. The intent is not to close down Zeehan. We are aware of the problems … and are supporting them,” he said.


Zeehan RSL

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