Safe Work Practices in Hospitality

November 22, 2023
Jane Louise

Safety isn’t just about preventing accidents; it’s also about creating an environment where staff can work efficiently and comfortably, ultimately leading to better customer service and higher productivity levels.

Research indicates that a significant number of injuries in the Australian hospitality industry are preventable with appropriate safety measures and training.

According to a study conducted by Safe Work Australia, between 2010-2015, there were 11,000 serious workers’ compensation claims from the accommodation and food services sector.

The majority of these injuries were due to slips, trips and falls.

Experts suggest that employers can significantly reduce the risk of such accidents by implementing comprehensive safety training programs for their staff.

This includes teaching employees about potential hazards in their work environment and providing them with strategies to avoid these risks.

Regular maintenance checks and prompt repairs can also contribute towards creating a safer workplace. For instance, fixing loose floor tiles or promptly cleaning up spills can help prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Additionally, encouraging an open dialogue about safety concerns among staff members is also useful. When employees feel comfortable reporting potential hazards or unsafe practices without fear of retribution, it becomes easier for management to address these issues before they lead to injuries.

By implementing and consistently reviewing safety measures, employers in the hospitality industry can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and create a safer working environment for their staff.

Download HospoWork’s Safe Work Practices Checklist.


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