Twin Towns Club Banora patron wins $2.8m 

April 5, 2022
Emma Castle

One club visitor went home with more than happy memories following a trip to Twin Towns.

A Wollongong man who was on holidays in the area popped into Twin Towns Club Banora for lunch last Saturday, 2 April. 

While he was at the club, he purchased what proved to be a successful Classic 10 spot Keno ticket. The win was the biggest a patron has ever had at the club.

Wave FM interviewed the man, who preferred not to release his name. 

“It’s so surreal!” he said. “I still can’t believe it. We were on holiday in Tweed Heads, and we decided to go to a pub for some food.

“While we were there, we put a game of Keno on. 

“We were driving back to our holiday home and saw that the Keno 10 Spot went off in Banora Point, and that’s where we put our game of Keno on! 

“We weren’t sure if it was us who had won the prize because you never know if it will actually be you – you never expect to win big. 

“It eventually clicked that we’d won the Keno 10 Spot prize, and we went crazy,” the man said.

The man said that he hopes to buy a home with this winnings. 


Keno, Twin Towns Club Banora

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