Victorian State Government races to Werribee’s aid

September 13, 2022
Aleney De Winter

With the thoroughbred racing industry generating $3.43 billion for the Victorian economy and helping to sustain over 25,700 jobs, Victorian Minister for Racing, Anthony Carbines, today announced the Victorian Racing Industry Fund (VRIF) will invest more than $558,000 into the Werribee Racing Club. The investment willsee the club gain a new building alongside the current grandstand, providing a more modern space for stewards and jockeys.

The Minister also announced an additional investment of $148,000 into the Werribee Water Sustainability project, which will see the club gaining access to 150,000 litres of water a day via a new bore and a licence to pump water from the nearby Werribee River, reducing costs in the long-term.

The Club currently purchases thousands of litres of potable water to keep the track in good condition and safe for horses, year-round. Both projects are scheduled to be completed later this year.

“Our investment will help ensure race meetings at Werribee operate smoothly with modern infrastructure for industry participants, as well as a safe, consistent racing surface and significant cost savings in the long run”, said Minister Carbines.

Werribee Racing Club. Image Facebook


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