Vital youth facility set to close

March 13, 2024
Jane Louise

Locals have been left shocked after the announcement that the Parramatta Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) has been given only six weeks’ notice to vacate, with its closure set for April.

The Parramatta PCYC is a not-for-profit partnership between NSW Police, Rotary and the community that has been operating in Parramatta since 1962.

It offers a diverse range of activities for young people and the community, from sports to scrapbooking, cooking to culture, dance to driver courses.

A petition asking for the club to remain open in Parramatta reached 582 signatures in its first two weeks.

The club is reportedly undergoing financial difficulties.

The petition urges the relevant authorities to reconsider this action, saying “Parramatta PCYC has been an integral part of our community for years, fostering positive relationships between police and youth while promoting health and wellbeing. It’s more than just a club; it’s a place where friendships are formed, skills are honed, and lives are positively impacted”.

Those who signed the petition were concerned for the impact on their community, stating:

“This centre is keeping my kids off the streets.” (Janet Lucas)

“I know how much this place means to lots of my friends as I know many people that go here and I personally think there will be no reason for it to be close down.” (Asil Chami)

“The PCYC has a direct link in reducing juvenile crime and antisocial behaviour.” (Raphael Rahme)

Michelle Garrard, Our Local Community Councillor for Parramatta stressed the importance of the facility remaining open, noting that Parramatta PCYC is the only primary stakeholder in Parramatta that supports youth.

Ms Garrard voiced concerns that without the club, kids could wind up in juvenile detention.

Labor Councillor Sameer Pandey was similarly appalled, thanking the Parramatta PCYC volunteers and board members for their work.

Kellie Darley, an Independent Councillor, pointed out that both the previous and current state governments had let the club down, but was keen to explore options with the Parramatta Leagues Club as they plan redevelopment.

Ms Darley’s hopes are that there will be a place for the PCYC within the sports precinct of Parramatta.


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