Balgowlah Bowlo operators win noise complaint battle

June 21, 2022
Emma Castle

Disgruntled neighbours to Balgowlah Heights Bowling Club have been forced to concede, with NSW Liquor and Gaming inspectors finding no cause for action in their noise complaints. 

The Club recently changed its food offering and worked to attract a more family-friendly crowd, including running children’s activities on the bowling greens. The shift has proven very successful.

Complaints were made to NSW Liquor & Gaming in October 2020 (read the full complaint here), with further complaints made with the Police and Northern Beaches Council in May 2021. They centred on the consumption of liquor on the bowling greens, and noise from children.

Club secretary and manager, Tony Wagener, acted on the first round of complaints and immediately implemented noise mitigation strategies.

Wagener said in a statement: “Since receiving the complaint in October 2020, the club has restricted the presence of kids on the greens, required parental supervision, and ensured kids are off the green by 7.30pm.

“The club has strongly guided parents to be aware of the need to keep kids’ noise down outside and within the club. The Club’s Plan of Management includes these requirements. 

“The Club will continue to implement its Plan of Management and will commence further noise mitigation activities including the erection of an acoustic fence.”

A recent investigation into the complaints by Liquor & Gaming found an “absence … of undue disturbance” and the Authority determined to not take any further action.

“This decision also acknowledges the mitigating measures the Club has implemented and is further seeking to implement to improve the management of noise,” said a report from L&G.


Balgowlah Bowlo

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