Brisbane Brothers $17.6 million redevelopment plan

May 18, 2021
Grant Jones

Brisbane Brothers Rugby Club’s $17.6 million redevelopment will become one of the only sporting clubs in the country to have unisex change rooms. 

The overhaul of Crosby Park will include a new 860sqm swim school building, clubhouse, 160 car spaces, club gym, commercial space and the controversial change rooms.

Designed by bureau^proberts, the proposed development will be carried out in two stages with Stage 1 broken down into three sub-stages.

Stage 1A involves field and lighting works and tiered seating, which is not assessable under the Brisbane City Plan 2014 and so does not form part of the development application. 

Stage 1B involves the construction of the new clubhouse and ancillary administration areas with gross floor area of 1656sqm, which includes offices, boardroom and meeting room, reception and shop, and the Club room, as well as a kitchen and canteen. 

Stage 1C will include a 501sqm healthcare services centre and 603sqm indoor sport and recreation facility in the form of two gyms, to be situated north of the main field. Both facilities will be open to the public. 

“In general, the proposed investment will considerably improve the Clubhouse and facilities and increase accessibility and participation for people of all ages and abilities, providing an equal experience for everyone. The upgrade will also embrace and enhance the wide-open spaces the community loves and enjoys at Crosby Park,” Brothers Rugby Club said. 

It is the biggest project in the club’s 116-year history. Club President David Hine said the universal change rooms, which were unisex but would not be used by men and women at the same time, would allow for increased flexibility as well as cater to the diversity of the entire playing group.  

Female participation currently constitutes 40 per cent of the Club’s 2400 playing members.


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