Coffs Yachtie looks to lever its prime location

September 27, 2023
Clyde Mooney

Coffs Harbour Yacht Club is making the most of its prime location, seeking a Joint Venture Property Development partner to help improve its premium waterfront site.

The club (CHYC) is a not-for-profit community club that has operated on the current site since 1961, under a leasehold tenure on crown land, managed by the City of Coffs Harbour. It supports aquatic sports including sailing, outrigger and triathlon, through its premises and events.

“Our vision statement is to be the number one sustainable community venue for water sports on the North Coast of NSW,” says CHYS GM Richard Hinton.

The venue is used throughout the year by community sporting organisations and for events, such as by Coffs Harbour Game Fishing, and for the Great Ocean Swim.

The Board is committed to the club’s long-term success and is exploring opportunities to both expand and modernise the facilities and its services.

“We have a flexible approach toward options of use, complementary services and delivery structures while maintaining our core community identity and role.”

GM Richard Hinton and director Tammy Mills-Thom. Image: supplied / News of the Area

This has prompted CHYC to call for Expressions of Interest for a collaborative partner to help grow the club, to meet the growing demands of its members, the local community and visitors. It’s hoped the opportunity on Coffs Harbour can produce a partner who will be a “good fit” – allowing for benefit to both parties.

The club will drive the initiative, making no secret its members’ interests will be “front and centre”.

Considerations for an investment partner include: sustainability – in both design and operation, and connectively within the site environment; increasing space and improving configuration of the site; and greater access, taking advantage of the panorama and beach.

Hinton suggests what amounts to a generational opportunity will see benefits flowing to the club and community.

Applications on the EOI close Monday, 9 October, with the CHYC telling ClubTIC this is with a view to beginning the project as soon as possible. Further developments as they happen.

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