Drayton Bowling Club bowled over by City Golf Club partnership

August 2, 2022
Aleney De Winter

With aging volunteers and membership numbers falling to double digits, the future of Toowoomba’s Drayton Bowling Club has been in serious jeopardy.

With respect to its remaining members, who didn’t want to sell, Club Secretary Vicki Foster and her colleagues chose to pursue a strategic affiliation to ensure the club’s survival.

The result, after members voted to partner with City Golf Club, will see millions of dollars invested into the 76-year-old club’s bowling greens and facilities over the next few years.

It is a huge win for members as they will now receive all the same benefits as members of the hugely popular City Golf Club, and the news has already seen membership numbers double. The decade long deal is also a win for the Drayton Bowling Club board, as they can now focus all their attention solely on the club’s bowls operations.

While the club currently only functions for the playing of bowls, City Golf Club general manager Peter Constance has confirmed that works will soon begin on a major renovation of the clubhouse and club facilities.

The upgrade will see the addition of a new restaurant and expanded gaming operations, as well as a number of other entertainment offerings, with a view to creating a social hub that will draw more young people and families.


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