Exclusive new country club for Bindoon

February 1, 2022
Emma Castle

The suburb of Bindoon, located 84kms north-east of Perth, has been chosen as the location for the exclusive $100 million Club Moolia, being privately funded by a group of Singaporean families.

Club Moolia
Artist’s impression of the new Club Moolia

The new club will feature a Formula 1 racetrack, Australia’s first ever Crystal Lagoon®, a man-made beach for swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking, as well as private lounges and suites.

The 200 available memberships, starting at $30,000 and ranging up to $150,000, have already sold out a year in advance of the club’s expected opening in early 2023.

According to 6PR, the 3000-acre club’s multi-million-dollar, 4.1km racetrack, which boasts 17 corners, high-quality asphalt and is 12 metres wide in parts, has been endorsed by Formula One driver, Bernie Ecclestone.


Club Moolia

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