Keith Gomes retires from ClubsNSW board after 12 years’ service

June 8, 2021
Grant Jones
Keith Gomes has retired from the board of ClubsNSW after 12 years.

Long-serving director Keith Gomes has announced his retirement from the board of ClubsNSW after 12 years’ service.

Keith was appointed to the board of ClubsNSW in October 2009 and has also served on the boards of ClubKENO Holdings (CKH), the Club Directors Institute and, more recently, as a director of Club Plus Super.

“During his tenure, Keith has been an advocate for digital transformation, as well as best practises in governance, diversity and continuous learning, within the industry,” ClubsNSW said in a statement.

He served his final day at the inaugural Digital Symposium, held at Liverpool Catholic Club on 3 June.

Rob Smith

“In accordance with Clause 21(e) of the Association’s Rules, the ClubsNSW board has resolved to appoint Rob Smith, CEO of Twin Towns Services Club since 2005, to fill the casual vacancy created by Keith’s retirement,” the statement said.

He will maintain his directorship on the ClubPlus Super board, which is currently going through a complex merger transaction with regulator APRA. He also held a role on the DOOLEYS Catholic Club board.

“I believe there will be more change in the next threes year than the last 10,” Mr Gomes told ClubTIC of his time at ClubsNSW.

And of his legacy? “It’s got to be two things,” he said, “improvement in governance, which is fundamentally a driver in change, and change as a constant. That’s where it starts and should start and anything downstream is a bonus.”

Keith has previously served on several private and public sector boards and advisory bodies as a Non-Executive Director, with experience across a range of industry sectors including financial services, digital, education, hospitality and professional services, in Australia and Asia.

Keith Gomes

As an experienced senior executive, Keith has broad commercial expertise, with a particular focus in the area of corporate governance, financial discipline, risk management, innovation, digital and strategy execution. He has also worked at IBM, Singapore Telecom, Optus, KPMG and Oracle Corporation, both in Australia and Asia.

Keith has completed the University of NSW, Australian Graduate School of Management’s Executive Leadership program, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and a member of the Governance Institute of Australia and the Institute of Public Administration Australia.


ClubsNSW board, Keith Gomes retires

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