Plans approved for Bondi Surf Club redevelopment

June 14, 2022
Emma Castle

After nearly nine decades on the job, the world’s oldest surf club is set to get an upgrade. 

Waverly Council has given the project the green light after three rounds of community consultation. The original plans were displayed to the public in 2020 and submitted to council in 2021.  

Designed by Lockhart-Krause Architects, the redevelopments will address some of the heritage legacies of the existing building, with 50 percent of facilities to be dedicated to women. Refurbishments also include the restoration of a portion of the heritage-listed building, with the addition of a public courtyard and kiosk, basement storage, and a new rear extension.

Waverley mayor Paula Masselos announced that the project, deemed both conservation and upgrade, would address accessibility challenges, better distribute facilities to men and women, improve facilities for nippers and give open space back to the community.

The original Bondi Surf Bathers and Life Saving Club was formed in 1907, and the clubhouse built in 1934.

Construction is scheduled to begin on the conservation project in 2023.

Bondi Surf Club redevelopment – artist’s impression


Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club

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