Surf clubs crash through mental health goals

October 4, 2023
Jane Louise

Proud surf lifesaving clubs recently raised a total of more than $300,000 for mental health services, at this year’s Gotcha4Life’s 24-Hour Row event.

Sunday, 10 September saw Ocean Beach Surf Lifesaving Club (SLSC) raise $9,431 and MacMasters Beach SLSC raise $6,393 (at latest count) for Gotcha4Life’s sixth annual 24-Hour Row for mental fitness.

Gotcha4Life is a non-profit foundation created by Gus Worland in 2017. Gotcha4Life’s goal is zero suicides across Australia. To achieve this, Gotcha4Life focuses on prevention, delivering ‘mental fitness programs that engage, educate and empower local communities’.

The 24-Hour Row is a Gotcha4Life Foundation event held in community venues across the country. Teams rowed non-stop for 24 hours to raise funds to help build mental fitness in their communities.

Adam Crouch, Member for Terrigal stepped up, rowing with Team Macs. He was profoundly grateful for the opportunity to take part in supporting mental fitness in Terrigal.

“Team Macs rowed continuously throughout the night to raise an astonishing $6,000 for mental fitness, smashing its $1,000 goal,” Crouch said after the event.

He pointed out that the massive fundraising effort could not have been achieved without the local community and volunteers of MacMasters Beach SLSC providing their support.

Similarly, Scott Hannell, Ocean Beach SLSC Club President, was proud of his club’s efforts, saying the day was “fantastic”.

Many other surf clubs raised similar amounts, including Seacliff SLSC with $9,405, Bronte SLSC with $9,155 and Palm Beach NSW SLSC raising $8,859.

Overall, with the efforts of the clubs and individual community members the event raised over $325,000.

Clubs are able to get involved in Gotcha4Life’s programs through their website.


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