Targeted break-in in Bicheno robs club of “substantial” amount

July 5, 2023
Jane Louise

The small tourist town of Bicheno in Tasmania was shocked after a targeted break-in occurred at the Bicheno Golf Club last week.

Thieves specifically focused on the club’s safe, breaking in via a window usually covered by a notice board.

Club President Peter Wight said a substantial amount of money was taken from the safe, which was found with its door ripped off.

Club captain Peter Baizeli shared photos of the aftermath on Facebook, showing a large amount of dust covering the office space.

Clean up was extensive, taking hours as the fine dust had spread throughout the building, including into computers and printers, and covered every surface.

While disappointed at the loss, Mr Wight also showed concern for the perpetrators, as the amount of dust they likely inhaled could cause health issues.

As police are investigating, the Bicheno Golf Club committee has requested that anyone who might have information about the break-in to contact the club or Bicheno police. Mr Wight pointed out that while the amount taken was substantial, it was not worth the risk of going to jail.

The 9-hole Bicheno Golf Club was established in 1960 by members of the small community and continued to be built up over the decades through the consistent hard work of locals.


Bicheno Golf Club, robbery

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