World’s first alcoholic post-mix machine launches in Australia

May 31, 2022
Emma Castle

Moon Dog Craft Brewery in Melbourne launched the world’s first alcoholic post-mix dispensing machine.

At Moon Dog World, in Melbourne’s Preston, the Fizzer seltzer is now their biggest selling product, already surpassing Moon Dog beers, after launch of the innovative new post-mix dispensing machine less than a year ago, in September 2021.

Two of Moon Dog Craft Brewery’s (MDCB) top selling accounts, The Retreat in Brunswick and The Provincial in Fitzroy, have together poured thousands of litres of Fizzer in the last six months alone.

Fizzer has earned its place as the most popular local seltzer, recognised alongside international brands such as White Claw and Smirnoff. The volume of Moon Dog seltzer is only set to grow, as MDCB plans to double its Fizzer to beer produced in the next year.

Since the launch, the Moon Dog team hasn’t slowed. MDCB has installed 135 post-mix machines across every state, partnering with major Australian hospitality groups around the country.

MDCB also recently launched a new flavour, Guava Splash, a ‘light and fruity seltzer loaded with natural, juicy guava’, to sit alongside their seven other flavours. And the selection is expanding, with more flavours on the way.

Seltzer itself is the fastest growing beer alternative currently on the market, not only for its refreshing taste but because it has half the calories of other beer alternatives.

MDCB will install and set up the post-mix machine for venues, providing installation, maintenance and promotion.

For further information enquire through the trade contact form at Fizzer Seltzer.


Moon Dog Craft Brewery

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