Central Coast Surf Clubs ride funding wave

February 7, 2023
Aleney De Winter

Six Central Coast surf clubs will be on the receiving end of a $780,000 pool of funding as part of the NSW Government’s Surf Club Facility Program.

The Surf Club Facility Program aims to assist eligible surf life saving clubs throughout NSW to develop facilities that will enable increased participation in the sport for all people, increased facility usage, and improved safety.

The 2022-23 summer  has been the busiest on record for Surf Life Saving NSW with more than 1,700 people requiring rescue since 1st December, with many surf clubs also on the front line during the recent floods.

The not-for-profit organisations are managed 100 per cent by volunteers and funding will go towards infrastructure redevelopments, amenity and safety upgrades to surf club facilities.

Copacabana Surf Lifesaving Club will use its grant on an improved first aid facility, a multi-purpose room for training and education and an upgraded café.

Avoca Beach Surf Lifesaving Club’s upgrades will include improved accessibility on the ground floor, better storage and a secure awning over the existing driveway.

MacMasters Beach Surf Club’s grant will see upgrades to the sewer pump system and electric hot water system to make use of solar panels on the roof.

Killcare Surf Lifesaving Club will replace its gas-boosted solar hot water system and install shower mixers to treat marine stings.

Toowoon Bay Surf Lifesaving Club will construct a weatherproof awning to increase safety.

North Entrance Surf Lifesaving Club will use its grant to replace a rusted steel awning and make repairs to its concrete decking.

The six clubs are among the most popular beaches on the NSW Central Coast, and essential maintenance and upgrades will protect both beach goers and volunteers who deserve safe, accessible, and secure facilities.

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