Geelong club forced to close over bullying and harassment claims

December 14, 2021
Emma Castle

The mass resignation of senior staff at a Geelong club has forced the popular community venue to close.

Queenscliff Bowling, Tennis and Croquet Club (QBTC) has announced a temporary closure of all of its facilities following the resignation of its general manager, assistant general manager, operations manager, chef and duty manager.

Staff claimed that they were being bullied and harassed by QBTC members.

In an email statement to members, the club’s management said that the temporary closure was due to a lack of staff and the need to properly investigate staff complaints.

Queenscliff Bowling, Tennis and Croquet Club

“It is, sadly, a reality that our staff were becoming increasingly upset and fatigued at our club,” said the statement.

“Several current and former staff have made allegations of harassment, bullying, intimidation, and allege that they have fallen victim to bombarded attacks of negativity and misinformation coming from a small (but clearly aggrieved) group of QBTC members.

“It’s been alleged that these attacks have been sustained for several months now and the club has received the resignation this week of the general manager, assistant general manager, operations manager, chef and duty manager.

“This has created a very unstable and, we believe, an unsafe workplace environment in the very immediate term,” it said.

Management has said that the closure is an attempt to retain the remaining staff.

The statement said: “It was very apparent to us, many of our members, guests and staff, that our club had been enveloped in a heated and toxic atmosphere which no one could avoid let alone enjoy.”

A special general meeting will be held in the near future to discuss the future of the club.


Queenscliff Bowling Tennis and Croquet Club

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