Mandurah Cricketer attempts world record bowl

February 21, 2023
Aleney De Winter

Brendan Ingle of Western Australia’s Mandurah Cricket Club has successfully completed a world record for the longest bowling run-up, as part of the Club’s centenary celebrations.

The record attempt was tried and accomplished on Saturday, when 46-year-old Ingle delivered the opening ball of the club’s E-Grade clash with Warnbro, after running 7.47 kilometres to reach the pitch.

Part of the club’s 100-year anniversary celebrations, the run was completed clad in his cricket whites and a blonde mullet-style wig, accompanied by a gopher scooter equipped with a GoPro to record the record attempt, along with independent witnesses from the City of Mandurah to act as verifiers for the record effort.

While it will be a few weeks before he receives confirmation by Guinness of an official world record, Ingle was thrilled to complete the record attempt, raising $3,240 for Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation for his efforts.

Ingle’s world record attempt bested the previous record of 7.17 kilometres, set last April by Matthew Hunt at Bath Cricket Club in England.

Brendan Ingle Mandurah Cricket Club. Image FB
Brendan Ingle Mandurah Cricket Club. Image FB


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