Mounties Group snags third Central Coast club

November 23, 2021
Emma Castle

Mounties Group is about to join forces with yet another Central Coast club, as members of the Breakers Country Club voted in favour of amalgamation on 17 November.

Breakers will join Club Wyong and Halekulani Bowling Club in partnering with Mounties Group.

The vote follows a series of information sessions where Mounties Group CEO, Dale Hunt, presented his vision for the future and what to expect should the amalgamation be successful.

Breakers Country Club Mounties Group CEOs shake hands
 Dale Hunt, CEO Mounties Group, and Ken Pearson, CEO Breakers Country Club

“Aside from better buying power and the obvious staff and member benefits, Mounties Group have promised an $11 million master plan to improve the venue as well as a $200,000 a year investment over the next five years in the golf course,” said Pearson. 

Breakers Country Club CEO, Ken Pearson, said that he is excited about the partnership.

 “As a club, we were looking to secure our long-term future and deliver bigger plans than our financials allowed and that is why joining the likes of Mounties Group presents us with so much more opportunity.

“Our community demographics have changed and to compete with the rest of the hospitality, sporting and recreational venues on the Coast we need to do a lot more,” said Pearson. 

Breakers Country Club
Breakers Country Club

Mounties Group CEO, Dale Hunt said: “Breakers Country Club is such a fantastic venue with so much potential. Having met the staff and members over the past year, it is obvious to see how much this venue means to everyone.” 

Mounties Group financial members will have their say on December 5, while Liquor and Gaming NSW, as the industry regulator, will also need to approve the amalgamation before it becomes official. 


Breakers Country Club, Mounties Group

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