PM unveils $7.85 million redevelopment of Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club

March 29, 2022
Emma Castle

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was there to cut the ribbon on Cronulla’s upgraded surf club last Saturday (26 Mar).

The St George and Illawarra Leader reported that Morrison said: “It’s not just a building – it’s a building that houses a culture.

“When young people come in those doors, they don’t just learn how to be great athletes, which they are, they don’t just learn the discipline of being a great athlete and what’s involved in that – what it’s like to be in a great team and support each other and all of those values, which are incredibly important – they learn about the culture of service,” he said.

Club president Chris Giles said: “I am part proud of the new facility and the way we have been able to keep faith with the heritage of this building and to this club while building a modern facility for the future is outstanding.

“What I am most proud of is the way our members have persevered through the challenges, operating out of shipping containers for the last three years. We are a stronger club for that experience,” he said.

Click here for full details of the redevelopment.


Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club

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