Putting sustainably-sourced Australian Pork on your menu

January 25, 2022
Tawnya Bahr & Lucy Allon

A sustainable future for pig farmers is good news for chefs wanting to make an impact on their menus in clubs.

Straight To The Source has the privilege of working with many people pioneering the future of food in Australia. One is Australian Pork, a progressive organisation ensuring a sustainable future for pig farmers.

Australian Pork
Visiting a sustainable pig farm with a group of chefs.

With their recent Sustainability Framework release, Australian Pork is leading the world in this space. Bringing the industry together through its four pillars – people, pigs, planet and prosperity – it’s paving the way for a strong Australian pork industry that will provide a quality, sustainable protein for generations to come.

People means advocating for Australian pork. It’s taking care of the product and ensuring that the community knows about the positive impact of the pork industry. Pigs means leading the world in animal welfare, putting in place the highest animal practices. Planet means adopting innovation and technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste streams, being a leader in environmental practice. And prosperity means putting pork forward as a valuable contribution to the Australian economy and pig farmers.

Australian Pork’s work in sustainability is trailblazing. What we value is its holistic approach, looking at the broader food industry – creating campaigns to engage, experiment and reinvent pork, and recognise its versatility and creative potential as a premium protein. 

Keen to connect with sustainably-focused Australian pork producers in your region? Please contact us via hello@straighttothesource.com.au so we can put you in touch. 


Australian Pork, straight to the source

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