XXXX launches zero alcohol, zero carbon beer

May 17, 2022
Clyde Mooney

XXXX has launched Australia’s first beer that is both alcohol-free and carbon neutral.

XXXX Zero is specifically catering to a shift in Australians’ drinking habits, in the rise of the ‘No-Lo’ alcohol category and move toward moderation.

According to IRI Scan Data (March, 2022) alcohol-free beer is the fastest-growing segment within the beer category, increasing at 62 per cent year-on-year.

Within Australia, Queensland is the largest alcohol-free beer market, outranking both New South Wales and Victoria.

“The sales of zero beer are going through the roof at the moment,” says Paul Chugg, venue manager from Brisbane’s Paddo Tavern.

“It’s great to have a XXXX Zero on the market, and we’ll be pushing it here at the Paddo quite hard.”

Another increasing focus of consumers is sustainability, and to that end Lion joins an ever-growing network of organisations taking their own climate action, working within their sectors to drive change. XXXX Zero is proud to claim Climate Active carbon neutral certification, and has already pledged to use 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2025.

“It’s great to see new carbon neutral products emerging in the market, providing more sustainable options for consumers,” offered a spokesperson for Climate Active.

“Reducing emissions is a shared responsibility and it is encouraging to see Australian brands like XXXX doing their bit.”

XXXX Zero is said to be an easy-drinking lager, made with premium Australian barley and Nelson Sauvin hops, offering the classic XXXX malt flavour and clean aftertaste.

It will be available in kegs in pubs and clubs, as well as bottles, and Lion says it will begin appearing across Queensland this week “with broader distribution to follow”.

XXXX was a pioneer in the mid-strength market with the launch of XXXX Gold, which became the top-selling beer in the country for a time. It says Zero was created for beer lovers who are looking to moderate their drinking, and make a more sustainable beer choice.

“Over our 144-year history XXXX has continued to evolve to meet changing consumer tastes,” says XXXX brand director Chris Allan.

“We’ve taken time to create a product that not only talks to a new generation of discerning drinkers but also gives a XXXX about the environment, as Australia’s first carbon neutral certified alcohol-free beer.”


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